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Blanket Magazine - Issue 21 {The 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' Issue}

Image of Blanket Magazine - Issue 21 {The 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' Issue}


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Rock, Paper or Scissors? There’s no need to choose because we’re giving you an issue to satisfy them all {in a creative sense of course!}

Blanket’s Cover Art
Our cover art for Issue 21 was a collaboration between Melbourne artists Ghostpatrol and Miso. We take a sneak peek into their studio!

Rock! {Poster Artist Interviews}
Originally Rock Posters were used to promote a gig or band but as our featured designers DAN STILES, PAUL GARDNER {FLORAFAUNA} and SEI REY HO {US & THEM} explain they are increasingly becoming collectable art.

Paper! {Paste Up Artist interviews}
We have explored a less obvious medium for paper – that of Paste Ups {or Wheat Pastes}. In this medium artists cut out their drawings and paste them up in the streets for all to see. We interviewed MISO, GHOSTPATROL and KNOW HOPE about the temporary nature of their work.

Scissors! {Collage Artist Interviews}
Collage is the practice of assembling different forms of imagery including artwork, photographs, paper, ephemera and according to Wikipedia {not a reliable source of info} a piece of moss or even a dead mole… fortunately there are no dead moles just beautiful art in the work of our three featured collage artists ANTHONY ZINONOS, KATHRYN MACNAUGHTON and SHANNON RANKIN.

Also inside this issue you will find:

We follow the creative process of designer Benjamin Koh as he folded and taped paper to create our featured font for this issue – it’s aptly named ‘Origami‘.

• Blanket writer, Jon Hulme, has been spending his nights at the pub to prove his theory on How to Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors. All in the name of research for his Blanket article of course.

• Jessica Wilson {aka Jek}, persuades us to forget Spreadsheets, Pro and Con lists, Family Polls and Prayer. When it comes to making big decisions it’s time to bring the old-school decision makers back!

• We welcome a new addition to the Blanket team – writer Gwendoline Watson! She explains why embracing the unknown is good for us {she might just inspire you to give out free hugs, line dance with ripe aged ladies or walk up hills in your pyjamas!}

• There’s also another Pic Shaws comic for you to enjoy! Plus we focus on contemporary paper artists for this issues Web_sight.

• Re_action!
Artists featured inside this issue: Tessa Hulls, Sarah Stapleton, Dillon Dooms, Kate Abbett, Kaitlin Beckett, Katrina Currie, Ane Zaldibar Ibañez, Chrissy Lau, Anna Bongiovanni, Jahan Gerrard, Tanya Johnston, Michael Vincent Manalo, Irene D’Antò, Shelley Kommers, Dan Button, J. Jesús Fernández Jiménez {JJFEZ}, Nicola-Jayne Seddon, Nick Simpson and Tiffany Atkin.

• Here’s my work… I hope you like it!
Artists featured inside this issue: Jason Parry, Peader Thomas, Daria, Sam Caldwell, Alexander Kostinskyi, Melissa Murray, Katrina Currie, Anjo Bolarda, Joanna Kambourian, Benedetta Falugi, Lucia Grompone, Charlotte Brown, Nicole Guice, Christina Entcheva, Rawini Sulaiman, Bel Johnstone, Lucia Fisher, Sarah Cunningham, Daniela Barbosa, SashaTugolukova, Judy Kaufman, Melissa King and Mateusz Dryja.