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Blanket Magazine - Issue 22 {The 'Cosmos' Issue}

Image of Blanket Magazine - Issue 22 {The 'Cosmos' Issue}


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Inside this issue:

Does the time and date we were born influence our creative process? We challenged 12 artists – each with a different star sign – to create a piece of art to find out! Find out more about the Project (and the artists!) inside this issue!

• We asked Designer/Illustrator Tanya Johnston to create a cover for our ‘Cosmos’ issue that transported us to a secret world! Inside we follow her creative process as she created the cover art for Issue 22 and find out more about her career that spans over 20 years.

• We interview Blanket's Featured Font designer Ivan Khmelevsky

• It wouldn’t be the ‘Cosmos’ issue if we didn’t include an Astronaut somewhere! We interview photography artist Elaine Duigenan who had a close encounter with Astronaut Leland D Melvin that lead to a once in a lifetime opportunity!

• We feature a fun collaboration project with artist Kaitlin Beckett who used a photograph to inspire her to create a little character we have affectionately named ‘Randolph the Adventure Hog’.

• Blanket writer, Jonathan Hulme, inhales patchouli and explores his own cosmic shortcomings to find out if your personality and future are tied to when you were born.

• We catchup with Jessica Wilson {aka Jek} as she embarks on a three month road trip around the US!

• Blanket writer, Gwendoline Watson, let’s us in on how we can experience a far-flung dusty planet inhabited by outlaws and aliens by staying on our very own planet.

• Blanket readers show us their ‘Creative Spaces’

• Re_action!
Artists featured inside this issue: Aengus Tukel, Alessandra Tecla Gerevinì, Andreco, CAP·388, Crystal Sylver, Ekaterina Koroleva, Elise Hori, Ester Grossi, Gabriel Lazo, Giorgio Fratini, Ilaria Grimaldi, Jahan Gerrard, Jason Watson , Jeffrey Meyer, Jenny Kendler, Jon Hannan, Kim Vang, Lukasz Wierzbowski, macn {aka Martín Cocchi Nan} , Marcus Butt, Morgan Kendall, Niko Vartiainen, Olivia Locher, Rena Littleson, Rod Luff, Shauna Askew , Uliana Panyukova and Veronica Romanenghi.

• Here’s my work… I hope you like it!
Artists featured inside this issue: Apeseven, Crystal Sylver, Ekaterina Koroleva, Elise Hori, Elizabeth Ranger, Giordano Poloni, Hampus Bovbjerg Grip, Jacob de Graaf, Jess Smart Smiley, Laura Carey, Laura-Kate Chapman, Louise Wright, Moie Preisenberger, Pragya Kothari, Rena Littleson, Rina Yarv, Serrah Russell, Sila Tanilli and Simone Maynard.